Privacy and Cookie Statement

At Eindhoven Airport N.V. (‘Eindhoven Airport’), we take pride in making everyone feel welcome and safe. And protecting your privacy is an important part of this. This privacy statement offers you a transparent and accessible overview of how Eindhoven Airport treats your personal data. This privacy statement sets out which personal data we collect, how long we retain this data and which rights you can exercise.


Many people believe that we at Eindhoven Airport collect more information about you than is actually the case. There are also other enterprises located at Eindhoven Airport that process your personal data, such as the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Dutch Customs, airlines and the operators of retail units and catering establishments. As a rule, Eindhoven Airport does not have access to the personal data they process. If you want to know how they treat your personal data, please consult the websites of these organisations.

In the privacy statements below, we answer the following questions:

  • Which personal data do we process?
  • Why do we process your personal data?
  • How long do we retain your data?
  • Who do we share your data with?
  • Do we process personal data outside the European Union?
  • Which rights do you have?
  • Whose privacy statement is this and how can you contact us?
  • How to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority?
  • Where can you find the latest version of the privacy statement?


  • Click below on the privacy statement you want to read.

Privacy Statement – General

This privacy statement General provides a complete overview of Eindhoven Airport’s services and activities for which personal data can be processed. In this privacy statement, we describe how we treat the personal data that we process that we process for each of our services and activities.


Privacy Statement - Parkeren 

In this privacy statement Parkeren we explain how we treat the personal data of visitors of our car parks.


Privacy Statement - Eindhoven Airport BurenApp 

In this privacy statement Burenapp we describe how we treat the personal data that we process when using the Eindhoven Airport BurenApp.


Privacy Statement - Eindhoven Airportpas 

In this privacy statement Eindhoven Airportpas you can read about how we treat the personal data that we process as part of our access policy.


Privacy Statement - Werken bij Eindhoven Airport 

In this privacy statement Werken bij Eindhoven Airport we explain how we treat the personal data that we process when you apply for a job at Eindhoven Airport.


Privacy Statement - Online contents and campaigns 

In this privacy statement online contents and campaigns we explain how we treat the personal data that we process when you apply in contents and campaigns.


Cookie Statement 

In the cookie statement you can read about the use of different types of cookies on Eindhoven Airport’s website. By clicking on ‘display cookie banner’ below, you can view a detailed overview via ‘show details’. You can also change your consent to (certain) cookies at any time. If you click on ‘withdraw consent to cookies’ below, the cookies for which you previously gave consent will no longer be placed. Switching off cookies may affect the ease of use of our website. Furthermore, there is a chance that you will see irrelevant information more often.

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