Privacy statement - Parking

The information below only applies to visitors using the official car parks of Eindhoven Airport. Do you park at Eindhoven Airport because you work at the airport and do you want to know what personal data we process of you? Please contact your employer from whom we have received your data.

Which personal data do we process? There are a number of ways to use a parking space at Eindhoven Airport. You can reserve a parking space via our website shop.eindhovenairport.nlor via an intermediary. You can also drive into a car park without making a reservation.

Do you use Eindhoven Airport’s parking services? In that case, a photograph of your license plate may be taken when you enter with your vehicle. We save the license plate and also register your entry and departure times.

If you opt to park without making a reservation, you can take a ticket or use a credit card. If you drive in with a bank card or credit card, Eindhoven Airport will save an anonymised version of card number.

If you reserve a parking space at Eindhoven Airport, the following details will be registered in any event:

  • Contact information: first name, last name and e-mail address.

  • License plate or access code (depending on whether you want to drive in with your license plate or an access code).

  • Information about your reservation: booking or reservation number and reservation period.

In case you create a parking account, your username and password will be processed. This login module will give you an overview your reservation details.

Moreover, camera footage is recorded of Eindhoven Airport’s parking spaces and surroundings. For more information about this footage, please refer to our privacy statement Camera security.

Why do we process your personal data? We require your personal data to deliver parking services to you. We therefore process these data in connection with the performance of an agreement. As part of this agreement, we will inquire how you experienced the parking services at the end.

We also use your contact details for marketing purposes provided you have granted us permission to do so. If you grant us your permission, we will use your personal data to send you newsletters and keep you informed of relevant products and services offered by Eindhoven Airport.

How long do we retain your details? All data that we register at the time you enter and leave (payment details, time of entry and departure) are deleted six months after you have used parking services at Eindhoven. We delete your license plate details within 24 hours of your leaving the parking space.

The information you share when making a reservation is deleted two years after you have made use of Eindhoven Airport’s parking services.

Who do we share your data with? We sometimes engage other parties to carry out a portion of the parking services on Eindhoven Airport’s behalf. In such cases, we only share data that are required for the performance of the relevant services. If needed, we enter into a data processing agreement with such parties.

Are you reserving a parking space via a third party, such as a travel agency? In that case, we will only exchange data that are necessary to perform the agreement concluded between Eindhoven Airport and this third party.

Who is the controller? Eindhoven Airport N.V.