Privacy statement - Research special provisions

What (personal) data do we process?

  • First name and surname

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • Assistance code

Why do we process your (personal) data? We process your first and last name, e-mail address and telephone number in order to contact you personally. During the telephone contact, we ask for your assistance code. We do this to determine the composition of the group of participants for the study. If you are selected for participation, we use your email address to send further information. We do not use your data for other purposes. We process your personal data(s) on the basis of your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to

How long do we keep your data? The personal data of selected participants will be stored for a maximum of two weeks after the date of the study. If you are not among the selected participants, we will delete your data within two weeks of receiving it. With whom do we share your data? We do not share your data with others.

Do we process personal data outside the European Union? In the Privacy Statement - General you can read more about how we handle personal data and what your rights are.