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Compensation costs due to crowds

Despite the measures we have taken, there have been long queues at the security check sometimes at busy times. To make up for this, we set up a temporary compensation scheme. A temporary, special compensation scheme applied for missed flights until 31 December. This scheme expired from 1 January 2023. New compensation requests or claims can no longer be submitted.

In December 2022, the scheme was declared applicable only on 18 and 19 December. A compensation request for a missed flight on 18 or 19 December 2022 must be submitted no later than 31 January 2023. Compensation requests for missed flights on other dates in December will not be processed.

All compensation requests will be assessed carefully. We strive to handle your request within 8 weeks. Due to the many requests, the assessment may take up to 3 months.

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For general questions about your luggage of check-in, please contact your airline.

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Noise pollution

If you have questions or complaints about the air traffic, please leave a comment, question or complaint at

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Unsafe situations

Do you see something out of the ordinary at Eindhoven Airport? Report unwanted events or unsafe situations as quickly as possible.

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