Privacy statement - Tenants

Which personal data do we process? For the purpose of maintaining contact with the staff of our tenants, potential tenants and parties with whom we collaborate, we process their first and last names, job titles, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. If the rental space is equipped with a digital access system from Eindhoven Airport, we may process the following personal data of tenants and their employees and/or visitors: name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, member ID and password.  

Why do we process your personal data? We lease and manage retail and office space at the airport. We process the personal data of employees of parties with whom we enter into lease or other agreements in order to perform the agreement concerned. If the rental space is equipped with a digital access system, the above personal data are entered into the access system by our tenants themselves. The personal data thereby provided to Eindhoven Airport are processed for access management and control purposes (within the framework of the (lease) agreement). We have a legitimate interest in processing the personal data of the employees with whom we do not (yet) have an agreement.

How long do we retain your data? The period of time we retain your data depends on the duration of the agreement concluded with Eindhoven Airport. If the agreement ends and we do not require your data for other reasons, your data will be deleted. Personal data of tenant employees required for access management and control in rental spaces with a digital access system will be kept for as long as a tenant allows its employees and/or visitors access to the rental space through the digital access sytem.

Who do we share your data with? If necessary, we can share your data with maintenance parties for operational technical maintenance.

Who is the controller? Eindhoven Airport N.V.

Tenants of rental spaces with a digital access system are data controllers in their own right for the processing, provision and/or deletion of personal data for access management and control purposes.