Privacy statement - Shopping

Which personal or other data do we process? Eindhoven Airport offers space and facilities to various retailers. These retailers are controllers of the data they process about you. Eindhoven Airport does not play a role in this.

When making purchases in the terminal, your boarding pass will be scanned in some cases. Reason for this is that retailers need to know whether they need to pay taxes. In case your destination is outside EU, your purchase is tax-free. This means that the retailer does not have to pay taxes. On each receipt the (possible) tax is indicated. This is needed in case of any check by Customs. When your boarding pass is scanned, the flight number, flight route and travel class is processed. With this information the retailer can define to which destination you fly.

Why do retailers process your personal data? The retail units process the personal data to register whether a product has been sold tax-free or with tax, which will depend on your destination, namely whether you are travelling in the EU or outside it.

How long do we retain your details? The retailers at Eindhoven Airport are responsible for the processing of your data and determine how long they retain your details. If you have any questions about this, we recommend that you contact the relevant retailer directly.

Who will your data be shared with? The retail units themselves have access to the data regarding the purchases made at their establishments, such as payment information, date and time of the purchase of specific items. At request of Eindhoven Airport, retailers can provide us with general information about your purchase. Eindhoven Airport cannot use this information to trace your identity. We can use this information for analytical purposes, for example to optimise the services offered in the retail units. We therefore have a legitimate interest in processing these data.

Who is the controller? The retail units at Eindhoven Airport are responsible for the personal data they process. Eindhoven Airport does not process personal data.