Privacy statement Fast Track

Which (personal) data do we process? We process the following personal data in order to provide the Fast Track service:

  • Title;

  • First and last name;

  • E-mail address;

  • Date and time booked;

  • Number of Fast Track tickets;

  • Payment information, including encrypted credit card information, encrypted debit card information, card issuer (e.g., Maestro), date and time of payment

Why do we process your (personal) data? We process your personal data so that you can use the Fast Track service. With this service you receive priority in the queue for the security check upon presentation of a Fast Track ticket.

On what basis do we process your data? We process your personal data based on the agreement you enter into with us to book a Fast Track ticket and use the Fast Track service.

Finally, we use the data automatically collected for technical reasons when you visit the booking website to improve the website and provide you with the best possible visitor experience. We do this on the basis of Eindhoven Airport's legitimate interest.

How long do we keep your data? The information you share with us when making a Fast Track reservation, are deleted two years after the reservation date.

With whom do we share your data? We sometimes engage other parties to carry out a portion of the Fast Track service on Eindhoven Airport’s behalf. In such cases, we only share data that are required for the performance of the relevant services. If needed, we enter into a data processing agreement with such parties.

Are you booking a Fast Track ticket via a third party, such as a travel agency or an airline? In that case, we will only exchange data that are necessary to perform the agreement concluded between Eindhoven Airport and this third party.