Privacy Statement - Eindhoven Airport pass

Which personal data do we process? Persons employed on the airport grounds are granted access to airport locations via an Eindhoven Airport Pass. The following personal data of everyone issued with an Eindhoven Airport Pass are stored in our access control systems:

  • name and address details

  • phone nummer

  • information pertaining to the use of the pass

  • access authorisation

  • ID type

  • photo on airport pass

  • function

  • date of birth and place of birth

  • nationality

  • gender

  • email address

  • employee number (optional)

  • name of employer

  • address of employer

  • e-mail address of employer

  • telephone number of employer

We register whenever and wherever you use your Eindhoven Airport Pass. Eindhoven Airport does not access these data unless there is a specific (security-related) reason for doing so.

Why do we process your personal data? Eindhoven Airport is obliged to ensure the security of the airport pursuant to various national and international security-related and other legislation and regulations. These provisions are implemented by means of controlled entryways in combination with a valid Eindhoven Airport Pass in accordance with the requirements specified in EU Regulation (EC) 300/2008, Article 4(1.2), for example. It is essential for Eindhoven Airport to process personal data if the airport is to comply with these statutory obligations. Eindhoven Airport does not process the personal data for other purposes.

How long do we retain your data? The personal data stored on Eindhoven Airport’s systems, the Eindhoven Airport Pass and the information pertaining to the use of the pass are destroyed immediately after the pass is handed in, unless there are well-founded reasons to retain them for longer, for example in the event of an investigation into an incident.

Who do we share your data with? We will share the personal data we register with your employer. We do not share the information pertaining to the use of your Eindhoven Airport Pass with your employer.

Who is the controller? Eindhoven Airport N.V.