Privacy statement - Crowd management

Which personal or other data do we process? To ensure that you experience a smooth passage through the airport, we at Eindhoven Airport monitor passenger flows. We do this in two ways.

First of all, heatmap cameras and sensors are situated at various locations in the terminal that measure the numbers of people passing by. This heatmap system does not store any data other than the number of people passing a particular sensor. This meta data is not personal in nature. The images that the heatmap system takes is only stored during a short testing period when we are testing the heatmap system in a new area.

Second, we use WiFi and Bluetooth tracking in the terminal. This means that if the WiFi or Bluetooth function of your telephone, laptop or another device is on, our sensors will detect your device. This allows us to follow the route you take as you move through the terminal at Eindhoven Airport. We take a number of technical measures to ensure your privacy is protected. When our sensors detect your device, we store an encrypted version of your device’s unique reference (a ‘hash’ of your MAC address). How does it work? The original data are destroyed immediately and permanently, and can therefore not be ‘retrieved’, for instance in connection with a request for access. The unique reference is also hashed by means of a ‘salt’ (data added randomly) that is unique per 24 hours. This enables us to track travel patterns of devices at the terminal within a single time-frame for a maximum of 24 hours, but never for longer. If you do not want to be followed via WiFi and Bluetooth, you can switch of you WiFi and Bluetooth signal on your device.

Why do we process your data? We use the data collected by the heatmap system and the WiFi and Bluetooth trackers to optimise visitor flows at Eindhoven Airport. This is extremely important for Eindhoven Airport as not doing so could result in long queues or even dangerous situations. Consequently, we have a legitimate interest in collecting these data.

We also produce general reports about visitor flows at Eindhoven Airport. These reports do not contain information about individual visitors. We use the reports to optimise and identify the visitor flows.

How long do we retain your details? The images taken by the heatmap cameras are converted into numbers. The images are only stored in exceptional circumstances, when we test whether the heatmap system is working properly. We delete the camera footage as soon as the testing has been completed.

The encrypted version of the unique reference of your device collected with WiFi and Bluetooth tracking is saved for 24 hours. That means that we can follow your device for 24 hours if you are in the terminal. After this period, we delete this information and will no longer be able to follow your device.

Who do we share your data with? We do not share your details with other parties. We sometimes share general reports on visitor flows with the other companies located at Eindhoven Airport.

Who is the controller? Eindhoven Airport N.V.