Eindhoven Airport is a compact airport that provides smooth, orderly and convenient airport processes for all travellers. And all this in a comfortable setting with a diverse range of retail shops, restaurants and other services.

Eindhoven Airport has grown into an airport that processed 6.7 million arriving and departing passengers in 2019. We keep our finger on the pulse regarding the requirements from the Eindhoven metropolitan region, renowned among other things for its innovative technology industry, world-class design and pioneering knowledge institutes. Our focus lies both on the destination network and the desired quality of the airport. We see ourselves as partner for our many different public and private customers in the region.

For our corporate customers, Eindhoven Airport offers many possibilities. See the blocks below for more information.

Photo and film recordings

Taking photographs and recording videos for business purposes are generally allowed at Eindhoven Airport. Not all requests can be honoured, however, and recordings are arranged by appointment only. Many different safety regulations apply on site at the airport, which is why some recordings take place under the supervision of Eindhoven Airport staff.

For further information or to make an appointment, please send an email to: We will respond to your question or request as quickly as possible.

Contact information

If you are calling for another corporate service, please contact the Eindhoven Airport office reception on 040 - 291 98 29.

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