Eindhoven Airport is deeply rooted in the region it is part of. It is essential for the airport to have a strong bond with the surrounding community. We want our regional community to reap the benefits of the airport and to experience as little inconvenience as possible. That's why we continuously work on sustainable airport operations as well as on a sustainable living environment.

BurenApp, informing our neighbours

Do you want to see the flight paths and times of all arriving and departing aircraft at Eindhoven Airport? Or leave a response on how you experience flight noise? Then download the BurenApp (Neighbours’ App in English) for all expected flight routes, as well as news and background information from Eindhoven Airport. Go to Google Play or the Apple Store to download the BurenApp on your mobile.


At the airport

By 2030, our airport will be emission-free and waste-free. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners. We produce the energy we consume from wind, sun and soil.

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Sustainable living environment

We are proud of the region and we want to add value to this region. That's why we believe in a sustainable living environment where good living, working and recreation is important.

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EA Impact Fund supports local initiatives 

The EA Impact Fund gives financial support to habitants, organisations and foundations who use their initiatives to support the township.

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