Privacy statement - Camera security

Which personal data do we process? Video cameras are installed at Eindhoven Airport that record camera footage. This means camera image recordings may also be made of you when at or in the vicinity of the airport.

Why do we process your personal data? We use the camera footage to ensure Eindhoven Airport’s security. Pursuant to the Aviation Act and other legislation and regulations, we are under a statutory obligation to ensure the airport’s security. We therefore process the camera footage to comply with a legal obligation.

Furthermore, we also require the footage recorded by the video cameras for operational purposes. Consequently, we have a legitimate interest in processing the camera footage. We do not use the camera footage for other purposes.

How long do we retain your details? The camera footage is not retained for any longer than 10 days, unless there are good reasons for storing the images for a longer period, for example for the investigation of an incident.

Who do we share your data with? Eindhoven Airport grants the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee access to all video images recorded by the security cameras at Eindhoven Airport.

Depending on the area of operations, we share a portion of the images recorded by the video cameras with Dutch Customs and the Royal Netherlands Airforce/Eindhoven Air Base.

Who is the controller? Eindhoven Airport N.V.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Royal Netherlands Airforce and Dutch Customs are controllers in their own right.

Access to camera images Because Eindhoven Airport cannot assess whether camera footage is relevant to national security without the assistance of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, we normally do not grant access to camera images of our own accord. Eindhoven Airport therefore advises anyone wanting to view such images to submit a request to that end (also) to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. For further information, please see the website of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.