Privacy statement Assistance

Which personal data or other data do we process? 

In providing the PRM service, the following personal data may be processed:  

  • Contact details: title, initials, first and last name, telephone number, address details, date of birth and e-mail address.  

  • Assistance needs and support aids.  

  • Flight details, including:   

    • Date and time of flight  

    • Flight number    

    • Aircraft seat number  

    • Additional data, such as:  

      • Onward flights from an outstation  

      • Ticket number  

      • Travel class  

  • Other information provided by the airlines  

  • Service data:   

    • Creation date and time PAL/CAL/PSM (types of service)  

    • PRM request creation date and time  

    • Execution date and time PRM request  

    • Process type (arriving, departing)  

    • Start point PRM handling  

    • Start time PRM processing  

    • End point PRM handle  

    • End time PRM handling  

    • Source of notification  

    • Absent 

 Why do we process your data? 

PRM services are provided at Eindhoven Airport in accordance with EC Regulation No 1107/2006 and the so-called interpretative guidelines of June 2012. Based on this PRM regulation, Eindhoven Airport is obliged to provide assistance to persons with reduced mobility so that they are able to fly. In this context, Eindhoven Airport processes personal data on the basis of the GDPR legal basis 'legal obligation to comply with the PRM Regulation'. Eindhoven Airport processes health data on the basis of the exception ground 'substantial public interest under Union law (PRM Regulation)'.   In addition, Eindhoven Airport performs analyses based on data processed by Eindhoven Airport during PRM service provision. The following data will not be processed for analysis purposes:  

  • the directly identifiable personal data, such as the passenger's name; and   

  • the special categories of personal data, such as the data that state something about the assistance required.      

These analyses take place in order to improve the PRM service. Eindhoven Airport has a legitimate interest to do so.   

The PRM service results in all passengers being able to use the airport and reach and/or leave their aircraft safely and on time via this route. Eindhoven Airport's interest is that it wants its airport to be as accessible as possible so that every passenger is able to travel via this route. These interests are societal in nature. Eindhoven Airport does not pursue a commercial goal when offering PRM services. 

How long do we retain your details?  Personal data processed by Eindhoven Airport in the performance of the PRM service will be retained for up to 6 months to deal with (possible) passenger complaints. 

Who do we share your data with?  The PRM service is outsourced to a third party Viggo Eindhoven Airport B.V. ("Viggo"). Viggo is a processor within the meaning of the GDPR.  

  With Eindhoven Airport's consent, Viggo uses the following sub-processor, which processes personal data on behalf of Viggo:  

  • SITA: This company provides the global messaging infrastructure platform within the aviation sector, including in the area of PRM services on behalf of Eindhoven Airport, Viggo and airlines, among others.   

The airlines are involved in the PRM service, but have no access to the personal data that Eindhoven Airport (actually Viggo) processes in this context. 

Do we process your personal data outside the European Economic Area?  The PRM service can be used by anyone who meets the definition of someone with reduced mobility as stated in the PRM Regulation. This makes the PRM service provided by Eindhoven Airport international in character.   

At its core, the PRM service provides assistance to data subjects carried out in the Netherlands (Eindhoven Airport). It is possible that the data processing extends beyond the Netherlands itself. This is the case, for example, when a passenger residing abroad contacts Eindhoven Airport directly about the desired PRM service. It may also be the case that Eindhoven Airport receives, through the airline, personal data from passengers who are not in the Netherlands at that time.  

No transfers of personal data take place by or to Eindhoven Airport's data processors outside the European Economic Area (EEA). 

Who is the controller?  Eindhoven Airport N.V.