Accelerating sustainability as we approach 2030 : 30% less noise exposure and CO2

We serve the local region. We contribute to international accessibility and accessibility of the region. The basic principle is that this is done in balance with the environment.

About this balance and the development of Eindhoven Airport until 2030, ministerial scout Pieter van Geel issued an advice in 2019: ‘Opnieuw Verbonden’. Central to this advice is the reduction of noise pollution from civilian air traffic. The goal is to have reduced this noise pollution by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. Eindhoven Airport has committed to the advice and is sticking to it.

But we want more and we want it to be clear to everyone which course Eindhoven Airport is taking and which goals we ourselves have in mind until 2030.

In addition to less noise for the immediate surroundings, Eindhoven Airport also takes its responsibility regarding the climate issue. We are making our own activities sustainable so that we will be CO2 neutral ourselves in 2030.

However, it is at least as important to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of air traffic. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of having 30% less CO2 emissions from air traffic in 2030 than in 2019. This is not easy, but we are convinced that it must be done and that it can be done.

With our commitment towards 2030, we show that we take noise and CO2 reduction and the climate challenge seriously. We do not call it our commitment for nothing: these are not empty promises but a plan to which we have committed ourselves, to which we are fully committed and to which we are accountable.