Higher blending requirement for SAF

Introducing a higher blending requirement for sustainable aircraft fuel at Eindhoven Airport and a financial contribution from Eindhoven Airport for airlines refuelling with this fuel

It is not only important to abate noise. Reducing CO2 emissions is at least as important. Through fleet renewal, operational measures (including a review of airspace in Europe) and blending Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with kerosene, we will achieve our target of a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. 

The more SAF is blended, the lower the CO2 emissions from air traffic. But SAF is about four times more expensive than kerosene. At Eindhoven Airport, we are preparing a higher blending requirement than is currently required by law. We also want to encourage airlines to blend more than 20% of the kerosene they buy at Eindhoven Airport. That’s why we make an annual amount available to airlines to help cover the costs from any additional blending. For 2024, this figure is half a million euros. 

We focus not only on making aviation fuel more sustainable but also on making our own fuel consumption more sustainable. That is why we are electrifying platform equipment.

How much less CO2 will be emitted if only newest generation aircraft are allowed at Eindhoven Airport by 2030 at the latest?

30% CO2 reduction in 2030 can be achieved by 100% fleet renewal and the admixture of SAF. Both contribute about 50/50 to this reduction. A small part could be realized through improvements from the airspace review (Single European Sky) but as this is quite uncertain, we don’t take this into account with the calculations for the 30% CO2 reduction goal.

From when will the mandatory blending be effective?

We aim to start the mandatory blending gradually from 2025. We are currently calculating what the percentages will be. The blending obligation will be part of the Eindhoven Airport Conditions for handling agents of commercial flights and will be part of the concession agreements with the fuel suppliers at Eindhoven Airport.

Is there a risk that airlines will no longer refuel at Eindhoven Airport but do so elsewhere if a significantly higher blending requirement applies at Eindhoven Airport?

In RefuelEU there is an anti refueling clause (article 5) requiring an airline to refuel at least 90% of the kerosene used for flights from an airport also at that airport.