Sustainability is a hot topic in today's world. In order not to overburden the earth, we have to treat it with care and responsibility. Eindhoven Airport wants to help make aviation a sustainable travel option. If we can achieve that, you can keep flying and discovering the world responsibly and sustainably.

Eindhoven Airport aims to halve its use of natural resources by 2030. We are also looking at our waste, reusing it where we can. In addition, we will bring the CO₂ emissions from our airport operations and buildings down to zero. We will generate the energy we need.

We firmly believe that sustainable flying is feasible. With the help of innovations and smart solutions, we are working towards making aviation more sustainable. Development in balance with the environment is paramount. The first steps towards sustainability have been taken and we plan to do even more.

At the airport

By 2030, our airport will be emission-free and waste-free. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners. We produce the energy we consume from wind, sun and soil.

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In the air

As part of the Royal Schiphol Group, Eindhoven Airport is also committed to making aviation more sustainable. We believe that flying sustainably, with fewer emissions and therefore less impact on the environment and the living environment, is possible.

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Sustainable living environment

We are proud of the region and we want to add value to this region. That's why we believe in a sustainable living environment where good living, working and recreation is important.

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Sustainable transport to and from the airport

Eindhoven Airport considers it important that the airport is easily and quickly accessible. Sustainability is also important here. That is why we encourage the use of sustainable alternatives to travel to and from the airport.

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What can you do for the environment?

Together we can make aviation more sustainable. The aviation sector has made agreements to reduce the impact of flying on the environment and is taking numerous measures to achieve this. You can also make your contribution. What can you as a traveler do to reduce your footprint?

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Noise pollution

If you have questions or complaints about the air traffic, please leave a comment, question or complaint at

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