What can you do for the environment?

Together we can make aviation more sustainable. The aviation sector has made agreements to reduce the impact of flying on the environment and is taking numerous measures to achieve this. You can also make your contribution. What can you as a traveler do to reduce your footprint? 

  • Worldwide, aviation is responsible for about 2 percent of CO₂ emissions. Offset the CO₂ emissions from your flight by making a financial contribution to a CO₂ compensation program. This is used, among other things, for planting trees and plants and/or for sustainable energy projects or sustainable aviation fuels. 

  • Travel to and from the airport as sustainably as possible. Eindhoven Airport is easily accessible by public transport. Electric buses run several times an hour between the airport and Eindhoven Central station. If you have little luggage, you can of course also travel to or from the airport with the electric shared scooter, your (electric) bicycle or your electric car. Eindhoven Airport has a modern bicycle shed and parking spaces with charging stations.    

Take less luggage with you. Less weight in the aircraft results in less fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions. 

Separate your waste at the airport. By separating waste, we can recycle waste even better and we reduce the burden on the environment. Waste can be separated by using the waste bins at the airport for paper, plastic and residual waste. 

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