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Romance with a pinch of salt

  • Mediterranean climate
  • 2 hours and 40 minutes
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The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily. With more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline, this is a good destination for a dose of sunshine and beaches. Trapani is situated at the ‘tip of the boot’, a romantic destination and the ideal starting point for a regional adventure.

Fishing village

Due to its good strategical location, Trapani used to be a fishing village and trading post. From its port, ships would sail to Sardinia, Tunisia, Pantelleria and other destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays it is still a ferry port, which makes Trapani a suitable base for day trips.

Winter sports

The centre looks romantic and the townscape consists of white fishermen’s houses, baroque palaces and beautiful churches such as Cattedrale San Lorenzo and Chiesa del Collegio Gesuiti. Various trendy beach clubs are located at the beach. From Trapani, you can take the cable car to Erice on the top of Monte San Giuliano. At 750 metres high, the view across the Egadi Islands is phenomenal. A visit to Mount Etna is also worthwhile. The Etna is 3,300 metres high and is the largest active volcano in Europe. In winter, the top is covered with snow and welcomes skiers and snowboarders. Trapani is therefore also a winter sports destination.

Salt and ice

Salt-winning played a crucial role in the town’s past as a trading post. Trapani sea salt is known for its delicate flavour and is a true speciality of the region. In the area, you can admire characteristic windmills and salt mountains covered with terracotta tiles. Another speciality is artisanal ice cream. It is not a local tradition but typically Italian. From pistachio to cassata or granita al caffè: there is a wide range of flavours available.

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