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Few other cities leave visitors in complete awe like Venice. The grandeur of the historic centre has an enchanting effect. As you can imagine, the city is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Venice was built on a group of islands in a lagoon. The construction of paved roads ran into too many architectural challenges, hence the preference for travelling on the water. A boat trip on the Canal Grande (Venice's “main street”) is a good way to understand the city's infrastructure.

Places to visit in Venice

The beating heart of Venice is Piazza San Marco. Here you'll find the Gothic Palazzo Ducale di Venezia (Doge's Palace), the centre of power during the Venetian Republic's era. Behind it is the “Bridge of Sighs", which leads you to a former prison. Prisoners condemned to death walked across this bridge to face their punishment, sighing deeply. The bridge has a completely different meaning today; any loving couple kissing directly under the bridge will be granted eternal love. Piazza San Marco is also home to the Campanile (clock tower) and the Basilica di San Marco (San Marco Basilica). It is believed that the remains of Mark the Evangelist are inside the basilica, although some historians have doubts and say that it could also be Alexander the Great.

Discover Venice

As befits all Italian cities, Venice is a shopper's paradise. The Calle 22 Marzo is the main retail street and home to the world's most fashionable brands of luxury clothing and stylish shoes. Head down the side streets for some great small boutiques. Bookshops are also still very popular in Venice. For those who don't find eternal love underneath the Bridge of Sighs, there are plenty of books that may help. Venice, like all of Italy, offers a wonderful variety of food and places to eat out. The trick is to dine in cosy little restaurants that don't charge the earth. So avoid the tourist areas and seek out the lesser-known districts. Dorsoduro, for example, is a vibrant district with a fantastic choice of traditional dining sensations. The specialities are mostly fish-based, Sarde in Saor (sardines in flavour), Baccalá (cod) or spaghetti alle Vongole (pasta with clams) are just a few.

Practical information on your trip to Venice

  • In Italy you pay with euros

  • You will need a travel adapter in Italy

  • There is no time difference between Italy and Eindhoven

  • The emergency number in Italy is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • In Venice, the public transport isn't the kind you are used to. Here you can choose a vaporetto, water taxi, gondola or traghetto

Pictures of Venice

Masks in Venice

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You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Venice in Italy with Ryanair.

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