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Most cities have a number of monuments worth visiting. Prague, however, is one big monument! Its baroque churches, palaces and castles, but also its squares, streets and bridges are all attractive and special. Unesco certainly agrees, as the city centre of Prague has been declared a World Heritage Site. Prague is a city of culture par excellence and an ideal destination for a surprising weekend trip.

The Golden City

Prague is also known as 'the Golden City' or 'the City of a Hundred Spires'. Starting as a Celtic settlement, Prague has become the modern, multicultural capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is divided by the Vltava River and both parts of the city are linked by the Charles Bridge, among others. This bridge is only accessible to pedestrians and offers a beautiful view of the city. Flanked by 30 statues of saints, a walk across the bridge makes for a pleasant stroll.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle should not be skipped when visiting the city. The castle is the seat of the government and is surrounded by many atmospheric streets, squares and monuments. Prague Castle is actually a 'city within the city’, with its Golden Lane as a picturesque highlight. In the seventeenth century, several goldsmiths lived here.

Places of interest in Prague

Prague is almost magical. Its fairy-like atmosphere can especially be found at the Old Town Square. The Charles Bridge is equally magical, especially when illuminated at night. In fact, you cannot ignore the Charles Bridge when visiting Prague, as it has a prominent place in the historic city. The bridge has a history of over 600 years and is special because of the many statues that adorn it. When you make a wish at the copper cross halfway across the bridge, your wish may come true! If you want to catch your breath after a busy day in Prague, then enjoy the landscape architecture of the Palace Gardens in Prague's Lesser Town.

Relaxing in Prague

After a day of culture in Prague, there are plenty of possibilities to relax in a cosy café or restaurant. Czech cuisine is robust, with lots of meat, pasta and potatoes. This should, of course, be accompanied by a beer, because the Czechs invented lager. There’s no doubt about it: Prague is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Prague – Eindhoven airline tickets

Transavia flies from Eindhoven Airport to Prague.