Eindhoven Airport expanded to approximately 41 thousand aircraft movements and 6.7 million passengers in 2019 and strives to offer a broad portfolio of destinations spread (mainly) throughout Europe. The forecast growth will be achieved with the support of the local community and within the frameworks of the Alders advice and the Dutch Aviation Paper. Eindhoven Airport implements an integrated policy for growth, the local environment and sustainability. The development of income from non-aviation activities is a key policy element. Safety and security form the foundations of the airport's business operations. Without foundations, there would be no structure.


We serve the local region. Eindhoven Airport connects Brainport to Europe and the rest of the world and makes the region internationally accessible. The airport has a positive impact on the business climate and plays a crucial role in enabling the region to achieve its ambitions. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. Eindhoven Airport is the leader in its market and one of the largest employers in the region.

Our core values

Responsible: safety, reliability and corporate social responsibility.

Connect: Connect Brainport with Europe and beyond and be connected with the environment.

Decisive: we do what we say and we work closely with our partner companies.


Our strategy

The strategic focus of Eindhoven Airport for several years was on growth in the number of flights and passengers. These days we first look at what developments in aviation and at the airport mean for society and the immediate environment in particular. Under the name 'from quantity to quality', Eindhoven Airport opts for an integrated approach to the development of the airport within our region. Eindhoven is moving with the Brainport region. In doing so, we first look at the environment and the people involved from 'outside to inside'; then the airport itself.


Our quality strategy focuses on four quality dimensions:

Quality of participation: We conduct a dialogue with various stakeholders, from government and companies to local residents.

Quality of the area development: As a 'Gateway to Brainport', the infrastructure around and the accessibility of Eindhoven Airport (also with public transport) have priority. In addition, a good area vision is at the top of the priority list.

Quality of the living environment: We contribute to quality of life, employment and education. Where possible we limit (noise) nuisance and we pay attention to less CO2, (ultra) fine particles and nitrogen.

Quality of the airport: We facilitate the region with a diverse range of destinations and thereby stimulate the connectivity of Brainport Eindhoven with Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, Eindhoven Airport also contributes to cleaner and quieter aviation.

Our strategic objectives 

The policy that determines the quality of the airport until 2025 is based on four so-called 'radars'. These are interconnected and reinforce each other.

Operational excellence, Infrastructure and facilities, People and performance oriented organization, New business development. 

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