Our strategy

Our purpose

Eindhoven Airport believes in the added value of aviation. Thanks to the airport and air traffic, business and private passengers can discover the world and make contacts. We also believe (even in this digital age) in the added value of personal contact. Our presence adds an essential element to the region: we connect. This is how our activities contribute to prosperity and well-being. 

Eindhoven Airport is a commercial company with a clear vision of what underpins our right to exist. As an airport company, we want to be an enrichment for the region and everyone who lives, works or visits there. Eindhoven Airport enhances the image and weight of this region. The presence of an airport is in itself an influential factor. Where (international) companies establish themselves, the facilities needed for the people who work there also appear or grow. That is a win for everyone. Our purpose is to make our region even better.


We serve the local region. Eindhoven Airport connects Brainport to Europe and the rest of the world and makes the region internationally accessible. The basic principle is that this takes place in balance with the environment. Our added value is that our activities and facilities contribute to the international accessibility and accessibility of our catchment area. Partly thanks to the airport, the business climate for (international) businesses and individuals is more attractive. 

How do we fulfil our purpose?

Connector to the world: Eindhoven Airport connects. We are a home port or base of operations for people. With our network of destinations, we bring a large part of the world within reach.

Good neighbour: We are an approachable, open, inviting organisation that reaches out to our neighbours. We reach out and engage with our immediate stakeholders. Or invite them to join us. Getting to know each other is an important basis for respecting each other. In everything we do, the most important thing is what our activities mean for our 'neighbours' in the Brainport region of Eindhoven - for better and for worse. Safety comes first, both at and around the airport. We also want the Eindhoven region and surrounding area to benefit as much as possible from the airport and experience as little nuisance as possible. 

Worthy entrance: For foreign visitors landing in Eindhoven, the airport is the first introduction to the city and the region. We want to achieve that visitors can immediately see and feel the region's distinctiveness. This includes an airport of which the region is proud. An airport as a worthy entrance, as an inviting business card.

Inspiring testing ground: The Eindhoven region is an ecosystem of educational institutions, multinationals, technology companies, SMEs and startups working together on ideas and technological solutions. Eindhoven Airport's ambition is to bring together innovative forces in the region and work together on sustainable solutions to aviation-related challenges. By using our airport to test innovative solutions, we want to be a source of inspiration for the region and the aviation sector.

Specifically, with Fieldlab Eindhoven Airport, the airport is looking for relevant parties in the wider region that can support the airport with knowledge to further develop joint focus areas. These include the use of smart technologies to optimise operational airport processes, energy transition and electrification of aviation.

From the aforementioned four roles, we are able to make the region even better. Quality takes precedence over quantity. Growth is no longer an end in itself. However, we will continue to develop so that we keep in step with what the region asks of us. Our strategy and associated plans are geared to this. 

Our core values

Responsible: safety, reliability and corporate social responsibility.

Connect: Connect Brainport with Europe and beyond and be connected with the environment.

Decisive: we do what we say and we work closely with our partner companies.

Flight movements and number of passengers

Eindhoven Airport had 40,252 flight movements in 2022 (2021: 21,704). In 2022, the number of passengers travelling to/from Eindhoven Airport was 6.3 million. The year before-in 2021-this was due to the corona pandemic 2.7 million.

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