At Eindhoven Airport we are constantly working on further optimizing our airport processes and services. Innovation is a must. Cooperation and the use of technology and data are indispensable. This is why we work together with partners on sustainable solutions to aviation-related challenges. We innovate together with our partners. We work together with Brainport Development, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Schiphol Group, among others. Eindhoven Airport wants to bring together innovative forces in the Brainport region.

Eindhoven Airport is looking ahead so that our processes and services now and in the future match our ambitions and fit into a world in which sustainability and the experience and welfare of the traveler, local residents and employee play an important role. By using our airport to test innovative solutions, we want to be a source of inspiration for the region and the aviation sector. We seek cooperation with parties who want to work with us on innovations that contribute to sustainable solutions to our challenges.

Our innovation ambitions:

  • A zero emission and energy positive airport in 2030

  • A leading airport that also flies electric flights to destinations relevant to the region in 2030

  • Eindhoven Airport is even more attractive as a workplace through the use of smart technologies

What are we doing and what will we do to realize our innovation ambitions?

Identify which technologies we can deploy to meet our own energy needs and work out a total solution linking the various innovative sustainable technologies. To develop this together, regional suppliers (start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs) of innovative energy technologies, system integrators, governments, science and other relevant stakeholders will be brought together. The objective is for the total solution including the adapted charging infrastructure to be implemented at Eindhoven Airport in the coming years. The airport already uses green sustainably generated energy. In addition, much of the equipment on the apron and the airport's entire fleet of vehicles have been electrified.

Stimulate and facilitate electric aviation. Create connections for electric aviation that are relatively low in noise and emissions.

Applying new technologies and using data even more frequently to airport processes so that processes are optimized and working at Eindhoven Airport becomes more attractive and easier.

In realizing these ambitions, Eindhoven Airport is helping to realize innovation ambitions in the region.

We are convinced that by entering into collaborations we can realize our ambitions and contribute to accelerating innovations. Companies, organizations, start-ups and scale-ups and (knowledge) institutions that are willing and able to contribute to the realization of our innovation ambitions are therefore cordially invited to cooperate with Eindhoven Airport.

Latest developments

Bag recognition

We believe that recognition technology supports various aviation processes and may eventually replace them. We offer BagsID, an Eindhoven-based specialized company in image recognition technology, a test site at Eindhoven Airport with which it can start developing a product that can help identify and recognize checked baggage ('Bag recognition'). If in addition to luggage tags, the images of suitcases are also recognized, it can greatly improve the reliability of our luggage system and baggage process. Deployment of this product and technology may make the use of luggage tags obsolete in the future. In 2024 we will facilitate a 'tagless-flight' to Faro Airport with Transavia in which we will follow baggage without a tag but with image recognition technology to Faro Airport. In addition, this year we will train whether we can recognize baggage pieces in different outdoor light conditions and test whether we can start using AI to properly sort baggage with unreadable baggage tags.

Customer & Operational Excellence In our ambition to be a human and convenient airport, we continue to look critically at the passenger journey from home to final destination. We test and implement improvements. For example, in 2023, we started providing free "security time slots" that allow passengers in a certain time window a fast passage at the security checkpoint. In 2024, additional mechanical lifting aids will be installed in the baggage hall to help baggage workers lift heavy suitcases. New gate concepts that make boarding passengers at the gate more friendly and convenient will also be tested with the handling agent.

Deep turnaround

In cooperation with Schiphol, we have developed a solution that uses artificial intelligence to map handling activities on our platform and detect how much time each activity and process takes. To this end, in 2023 the first aircraft stands will be equipped with cameras that take pictures of the various handling activities. We will have these photos analyzed by smart software. 'Deep Turnaround' allows us to better estimate in advance when an aircraft is ready for departure. With the new information obtained using 'Deep Turnaround,' we are making our processes even more efficient, customer-friendly, smarter and safer. Our planning is also being optimized. By 2024, all aircraft stands will be equipped with these smart cameras. Read here our press release about Deep Turnaround.