Eindhoven Airport forecast July: 3.950 flight movements and over 651.000 passengers


Eindhoven Airport expects 3.950 flight movements and a total of over 651.000 passengers (inbound and outbound added up) in July. That's an average of about 63 departures and 63 arrivals per day. This increases the expected number of flights in July compared to June. This is mainly due to the start of summer vacation. This starts for the South Region on July 14. The airport expects the average number of passengers per aircraft to remain about the same in July compared to June. 

In June, the airport had 3.878 flight movements and 633.981 passengers (inbound and outbound added up). This exceeded the expected number of flight movements of 3.750.  The number of passengers was lower than the expected number of 640.000. The busiest day in June was June 26 with 24.137 passengers (inbound and outbound added together).  

Of all departing passengers each week, about five percent reserve a free time slot for Security Check. All departing travelers can reserve a time slot for free through the Eindhoven Airport site. This allows you to start your journey as comfortably as possible: Time slot | Eindhoven Airport Are you traveling from Eindhoven Airport this summer? Prepare your journey with our tips: Ready for take off | Eindhoven Airport