Ready for take off

Will you be traveling from Eindhoven Airport in the near future? We are happy to see you! We advise you to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Please be aware that the airport opens at 04.30 am.

On this page you can read more tips about what you can do yourself to be as prepared as possible for your trip. Are you ready for departure?

Tips for your carry-on luggage

  • There is a maximum weight attached to your carry-on luggage, this often is 10 kg.

  • The rules of carry-on luggage vary by airline

  • Check with your airline for the exact dimensions and allowable weight of your carry-on luggage

Large crowds during the holidays

For many people, the summer months are the best time to go on vacation.

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Through security

To make sure that you can get through security as easily and quickly as possible, we have listed a few good tips.

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Parking at Eindhoven Airport

It is busy, so make sure you book your parking spot well in advance

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Checking-in for your trip

Did you know that many airlines offer online check-in as early as 48 hours before departure?

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Almost on board

The last step before you will be taking off, is boarding the plane.

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Arriving at Eindhoven Airport

Will you be arriving at Eindhoven Airport in the near future?

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