By taxi

The taxi company below have signed an agreement with Eindhoven Airport and is TX-certified. Please be aware of illegal taxi drivers.

Information for taxi companies:

As of February 2022, the taxi transport at Eindhoven Airport will change. The taxi concession will from then on be operated by a "taxi handler" based on an open market principle. This means that all taxi companies that register can use the taxi lane in the forecourt for a fee. This can be for picking up an ordered ride or for connecting to the taxi lane for the boarding market. Dropping off passengers is excluded from this*. For dropping off you must use the Kiss&Ride in the P1 parking garage. For more information, please refer to the taxi handler RVC Nederland.

RVC Nederland B.V. can be reached via
Phone: 0888080680

*With the exception of WMO transport with wheelchair-bound passengers who travel with a specific IATA code.