Eindhoven Airport invests in connection and well-being in the region

Eindhoven Airport is anchored in the region and feels committed to its residents. Therefore, the airport wants to strengthen the region and the interconnection within it. In addition, the airport wants to help promote the well-being of the region's residents. It does so, for example, through volunteer work in cooperation with the Samen voor Eindhoven foundation, through its efforts through the EA Impact Fund and through financial contributions to the Livability Fund.

How does the airport actually contribute to the well-being of residents and what does Eindhoven Airport do for the aforementioned funds? Eindhoven Airport has had a partnership with the Foundation Together for Eindhoven for several years. Each year, every airport employee can work two days a week during working hours selflessly for one of the projects of Samen voor Eindhoven. This year, over sixty of the approximately 75 employees will be volunteering.

Supervision golf clinic Eindhoven Airport employees help maintain the De Grote Beek estate and collect winter coats for people on a tight budget in Eindhoven. Airport employees also help nursing homes in the region. For example, they go for walks with disabled residents and go out with homeless people during a street tour they provide in Eindhoven. They also guide tours for elderly disabled people in the PSV stadium. Furthermore, employees previously provided guidance at a golf clinic for the elderly and cooked and ate with newcomers.

Financial support

The airport also contributes to the well-being of residents in the region through financial support. Eindhoven Airport's EA Impact Fund supports residents, organizations and foundations whose initiatives are aimed at strengthening connections in a municipality. The fund focuses on Eindhoven and surrounding municipalities. A resident, organization or foundation can receive a one-time maximum of one thousand euros from the fund. This year, 14 applications were honored. Among others, foundation Cultuur Casteren and foundation De Witte Raaf Eindhoven received a financial contribution for the open-air spectacle and a new wheelchair bus, respectively. In addition, the airport gave a financial contribution to the Stichting Promotie Projecten in Leefbaar Liempde for field lessons in nature education for elementary school students. A contribution also went to the Groene Woud Triathlon in Oirschot.

Improving quality of life The livability of the immediate surroundings is very important to the airport. That is why the airport makes money available via the Livability Fund for projects and initiatives that improve the quality of life around Eindhoven Airport. This fund is managed by Samen op de hoogte; the platform where everyone can go for more information about air traffic at and around Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven Air Base). This year, the Leefbaarheidsfonds provided funds to, among others, Duofiets Duizel for the purchase of a new 'duofiets' for volunteers to cycle with elderly people and people in need of help, and to LandArt Brabant. This foundation received a contribution for an art exhibition in Knegsel that can be visited free of charge. Through collaboration with various community organizations and funds, the airport continues to invest in strengthening the region and promoting the well-being of residents.

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