EA Impact Fund supports local initiatives 

The EA Impact Fund of Eindhoven Airport provides financial support to residents, organisations and foundations whose initiatives are aimed at strengthening the community bond in a municipality. A resident, organisation or foundation can receive a one-off amount of up to EUR 1,000 from the fund. One condition is that the initiative takes place in 2023. Eindhoven Airport initiated the EA Impact Fund because of its close ties with local residents from Eindhoven and the region and from the viewpoint of social responsibility.  

The one-off donation from the EA Impact Fund is intended for residents/organisations/foundations from Eindhoven or one of the surrounding municipalities (Oirschot, Best, Son en Breugel, Laarbeek, Helmond, Deurne, Asten, Someren, Cranendonck, Heeze-Leende, Valkenswaard, Bergeijk, Eersel, Bladel, Reusel - de Mierden, Nuenen, Waalre and Veldhoven).


Fill out the application form if you would like to be considered for a one-time donation from the EA Impact Fund. The application form can be found at the bottom of this page. You can only submit via the application form.

We process applications 3 times a year, namely on:

  • March 1

  • June 1

  • October 1

No later than four weeks after the closing date, we will let you know whether or not you will receive a contribution from the EA Impact Fund. Make sure you submit your donation request before the indicated closing date and that your initiative does not start before four weeks after that date.

For each round, donations will be awarded with a view to distributing the initiatives in the fields of sports, culture, welfare and education as equally as possible.It is important that the initiative contains a connecting element.

Conditions 2024


The EA Impact Fund supports social initiatives in which encounters and connections are central.It concerns a one-time donation according to the indicated amount needed (maximum amount €1,000). Please include in the application a specification of the costs and as concrete as possible a description of the expenditure.

The initiative will take place within six months of the award of the donation.

After realization of the submitted initiative, the applicant sends a justification in the form of documents such as photos, invitations and/or articles in the media about the initiative held. And in addition, an invoice for the allocated amount. After realization of the submitted initiative in accordance with the application and submission of the relevant documents and invoice, the allocated amount will be donated. If the initiative is realized in another way than described in the application, the applicant is not entitled to a donation from Eindhoven Airport N.V.

As an exception to the above, if an initiative can only be realized through a prior donation, the applicant must make this known in writing when submitting the initiative, stating a good substantiation.Based on the substantiation submitted by the applicant, Eindhoven Airport N.V. will assess whether a donation can be granted prior to the realization of the initiative.

The applicant must not have already received a donation from Eindhoven Airport N.V. for an initiative in the current or previous three calendar years.

Eindhoven Airport N.V. reserves the right to change these conditions in the interim - without prior notice. In the event of any change in the conditions, the applicant will not be entitled to any compensation or damages.

Eindhoven Airport N.V. reserves the right at all times, without giving reasons, to exclude applicants from receiving a donation, if Eindhoven Airport N.V. suspects possible misuse of the requested donation, or if the application does not meet the requirements set.

The applicant(s) must be 18 years of age or older.


If (the organization of) the applicant is subject to VAT, the donation will be deemed to include VAT.

Eindhoven Airport N.V. has the right to publish in any way Eindhoven Airport N.V. deems appropriate about the initiative to which it has contributed with the EA Impact Fund.

Eindhoven Airport N.V., Impact Team, will decide on the application. There will be no correspondence or discussion about the decision. Any complaints can be made to Communications@eindhovenairport.nl .


Eindhoven Airport N.V. located at Luchthavenweg 13, 5657 EA in Eindhoven is the data controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). All personal data obtained by Eindhoven Airport N.V. is processed in accordance with the AVG and is not shared with third parties. Eindhoven Airport N.V. is entitled to use and multiply the photo, text and visual material provided by the applicant without restriction for publication and promotional purposes for the benefit of the EA Impact Fund.Eindhoven Airport N.V. processes the personal data requested in the application form in order to be able to process applications and to make payments after the donation has been allocated.Personal data of rejected applicants will not be kept longer than two months after allocation of the donation.Personal data of the applicant to whom the donation has been allocated will be retained for a maximum of 7 years after donation in order to comply with Eindhoven Airport N.V.'s financial and fiscal retention obligations. In the Privacy Statement - General you can read more about how Eindhoven Airport N.V. handles personal data and what your rights are. These conditions are governed by Dutch law.

On Nov. 28, Global Giving Tuesday 2023, 11 regional foundations and organizations were guests of Eindhoven Airport. In the airport's Business Centre, they met as part of the Eindhoven Airport Impact Fund. This fund supports initiatives from the region that bring people together. This year, the parties present each received up to one thousand euros as support to bring their goals one step closer.

Present were representatives of the Stichting Comité Open Monumentendag Oirschot, soccer association DBS from Eindhoven, the Bladel Podium 10, neighborhood association Batadorp from Best, the carnival association Oostelbeers, Stichting Bibberblues from Eersel, Triathlon Het Groene Woud in Oirschot, the children's holiday week Meerhoven, Stichting de Witte Raaf/Saam from Eindhoven, Stichting Cultuur Casteren and Sterk voor Matchis from Eindhoven.

In total, the airport supported 17 projects. The other beneficiaries were Theater 't Ros from Knegsel, Stichting Promotie Projecten in Leefbaar Liempde, vacation youth work Oostelbeers, Village Initiative Borkel & Schaft and the Eindhoven Maatjes.

This is the second year that the Eindhoven Airport is promoting activities that connect people on a local level. Encouraging connections between people is the main goal of the Impact Fund.

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