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  • Mediterranean climate
  • 3 hours
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Zakynthos is a European paradise. Stunning sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea and lively nightlife. These are what make this Greek island an ideal holiday destination for all ages.

Shipwreck Beach

You may well have heard of this beach? It is in fact incredibly popular among tourists. Last century, a cargo ship ran aground here. The ship was never salvaged and has stayed, leaving a unique sight to be seen. This beach can only be reached by boat. So whilst a little effort is required to get there, the effort is rewarded! Seen from the cliffs above the beach, the image is quite breathtaking: stunning beach, shipwreck and sea as far as the eye can see. You can just imagine it.

Going out in Zakynthos

Nightlife on the Greek island is up and coming. More and more young people are heading out to stay near the strip. Partying into the wee hours and relaxing on the beach. Western European music blasts out of the speakers and everyone is dressed for summer. The fruity cocktails and ice-cold beers await you!

Ionian Sea

Zakynthos sits on the Ionian Sea. Clear water and clean beaches typify the sea around the island. The gentle waves mean that you can happily bob around on your inflatable for a little while. Looking for more adventure? Try snorkelling at Marathonissi. There's a fair chance you will come across lots of colourful fish, or even turtles.


Keen to find a nice walking route? Have a look at the routes to the west of the island, by mountain villages Louha and Kampi. Head out into the nature yourself or with a guide. The temperatures early in the morning or in the evening are lovely for walking.

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Flights from Eindhoven Airport to Zakhynthos in the Greek islands are with Transavia.


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