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high cliffs and small islands

  • Mediterranean climate
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Zakynthos is a Greek island that, together with Corfu, Lefkas and Kefalonia, belongs to the Ionian Islands. The island is known for its erratic west coast, high cliffs and deserted beaches. Zakynthos is often called ‘Il fiore di Levante’, or flower of the East.

The island Zakynthos

Zakynthos, also known as Zante or Zacinto, is the third island of the archipelago in the Ionian Sea. The island is located to the west of Greece at about the same geographical height as Sicily. The length of the island is 40 kilometres and its width 20 kilometres. The coast has a length of approximately 123 kilometres.

Refreshing and green

Zakynthos is a green island with a large number of olive trees and fruit trees. It is also a colourful island with many flowers and herbs, such as basil, lavender and thyme. Moreover, Zakynthos is a biking and hiking paradise. The landscape is ideal for walking or cycling and for getting a breath of fresh air. The island has no busy main roads, but consists of small winding roads. Go out and explore the olive groves, hidden villages, lighthouses, mills, impressive cliffs and breathtaking bays.

Zakynthos town

The main town of Zakynthos is a modern city that has many buildings in a classical style. There are streets with archways, churches with impressive bell towers, beautiful squares and important monuments. Agios Nikolaos is a fishing village on the island. From here you can take a small boat to the blue caves, one of the main attractions of Zakynthos.

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