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  • Temperate climate
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes
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The capital and also the largest city of Croatia: Zagreb. Zagreb is located in northern Croatia, nearby the Slovenian border. The city has a rich history and culture. Zagreb is located exactly between the cities of Venice, Vienna and Budapest. The capital has a wonderful atmosphere, good restaurants and beautiful sights all with a raw edge.

Landmarks in Zagreb

The Art Park in Zagreb is located under the Grič park. This is the place where the city comes together for yoga, art workshops, making music and for the cozy atmosphere.

Within walking distance of the Art Park you will find the shortest cable lift in the world, also called the ILica train. Within a minute you are in Gornji Grad or Gradec. In this upper town you will find the most important landmarks in Zagreb. It is also a short and easy walk to Gornji Grad, but how nice is a ride in the shortest cable lift in the world!

In Zagreb there are more than 60 galleries and museums that you can visit. Can't choose? Then go for the Museum of Broken Relationships. In the museum you will find everything that has to do with broken relationships, funny, sad, bizarre and sweet stories. You will find the museum in Gornji Grad.

Want to make sure you've seen all the hotspots in Zagreb? Then choose a for a walk through the city with a guide and go through the old center of Zagreb together. Within a few hours you can see the most beautiful landmarks such as the cathedral, walk along the Stone Gate and visit the churches.

Food & Drink in Zagreb

Strukli is a typical Zagreb dish. This is a dough bite, similar to Lasagna, and filled with cottage cheese. This is eaten as an appetizer and sometimes evem as a dessert, but never as a main course. You can eat the best Strukli at La Štruk.

Coffee is also important in Zagreb and you can get a delicious cup of coffee in several places. An instagramable coffee? You can get this at Sjedi 5 and it is also very tasty!

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