Working safely

Eindhoven Airport values highly to safety at the airport

Eindhoven Airport attaches great importance to airport security. You will notice this, for example, when you enter the departures hall. Here we check that you do not carry any dangerous objects. Everyone entering the security-restricted zone is checked. Hold baggage and shop supplies in the security-restricted zone are checked as well. The 'security awareness training for the airport identity card' has been made compulsory by the European Union for all employees who work in security-restricted airport zones.

It is also advisable to read the Safety & Security handbook. Finally, in order to practice you can read through the test questions. These are questions you may expect at the Security test.

Provisions from your employer

Your employer is responsible for the instruction of employees. If employees do not speak Dutch, it is up to the employer to make provisions regarding this topic

Important documents

Safety & Security Manual


Issue and intake of Eindhoven Airport passes


Access policy Eindhoven Airport