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  • Temperate continental climate
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Varna, with its 350,000 inhabitants, is Bulgaria's third-largest city and the main port of the country. The average age of Varna’s inhabitants is remarkably low. That’s because Varna is a university town with a student population that makes up approximately twenty percent of the city’s population.

Places of interest in Varna

The area around the city is well-known to tourists because of its beautiful Black Sea beaches. It’s also known as the Gold Coast, where legend tells that golden treasures were once transformed into magnificent golden sand. Besides Varna with its beautiful promenade and numerous shops and restaurants, the Gold Coast is also home to the attractive seaside resorts of Albana, Sveti Konstantin and Obzor.

Museum enthusiasts can indulge in Varna’s historic treasures. The city has a natural history museum, a museum about the history of medical science, a museum of city history, and an ethnographic museum.

Besides museums, Varna has much more to offer. In the heart of the city, on Nezavisimost Square, you can find the magnificent Opera House. The area is also home to a white stone church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The church symbolises the friendship between the Bulgarian and Armenian people.

Eating and drinking in Varna

It probably takes some getting used to the eating and drinking habits of the Bulgarians. Most of us usually start eating right away and only stop when we’ve finished our meal. Bulgarians, on the other hand, easily take an hour to eat their starter. During meals, forks are put down after every few bites to resume the conversation.

Bulgarians have a sweet tooth. Baklava is a favourite, as well as kadai. Both are rich, filling and sugary sweet. It’s typically Bulgarian to cover these with syrup or honey.

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