Trust from the community

Permanent consultation structure

The Eindhoven Airport Consultation (LEO) was established on 1 September 2020 as the new, permanent consultation structure proposed in the advisory report ‘Reconnected’. Other consultation participants besides Eindhoven Airport and local residents are the air base, surrounding municipalities, the province, ministries and various other agencies. Employees from Eindhoven Airport participate actively in the different steering committees and working groups. You can learn more about the LEO via this link. Samen op de hoogte [Staying informed together] is the information platform of the LEO, where you can also find news and background information about the various topics that are covered in the LEO. These topics are in line with the spearheads of the advisory report.

Next phase of the Eindhoven Airport Liveability Fund Foundation.

One of the topics is the next phase of the Stichting Leefbaarheidsfonds Luchthaven Eindhoven, as it is officially known. The aim of the foundation is to provide financial support to environment-related activities that promote the quality of life in the vicinity of Eindhoven Airport. The LEO is currently examining the work procedures to ensure the foundation can become even more valuable.

Regional Information Centre (RIC)

If you have a question about air traffic or anything related to it, you can also contact the Regional Information Centre - Airport Eindhoven (RIC).

The RIC was started in January 2023 to answer questions from the region about air traffic to and from the airport. Think for example about flight movements, flight routes, and runway use. In addition, the RIC also manages the Noise Notification Office for Eindhoven Air Base and Eindhoven Airport. 'Samen op de hoogte' supervises this notification process.

The RIC can be reached via e-mail or by phone at 088 - 004 30 30 (available on Mondays from 09.00-12.00). You can also make a personal appointment with the RIC via the details above.