The busy holidays

For many people, the holidays are the best time to go travelling. You're off from work, the kids have school holidays, and the warm temperatures in many cities abroad make it an ideal period to pack your bags. It's no wonder you see so many passengers in the terminal.

It also means quite a job for the security staff, parking management and other airport employees to keep everything running smoothly. Thankfully, you can lend them a hand by arriving to the airport on time. During the holiday period, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Here are 5 great reasons why arriving early is more relaxing for you.

To The Bar!

You've become accustomed to waiting at the gate after security until you can board the flight. Staring into nothingness or doing your best to catch some sleep... A waste of time if you ask us. After all, why sit around when you can get in the holiday mood? Take the stairs up to gate 6 and check out The Bar! It has the looks of an traditional Dutch café and the conveniences of a trendy lunch room. Enjoy an ice-cold beer, delicious coffee or fresh sandwiches; The Bar is where to go.

Views from the panorama deck

Beautiful weather? Then the panorama deck is the place to be. Watch the planes taking off and landing or look on while they are being loaded by airport handler Viggo. You won't get a better view of the apron where everything and everyone is always on the move. Head up to the first floor just behind La Place restaurant, before the security check. The chairs are waiting for you!

Shop till you drop

So you managed to avoid the traffic jam and arrived at the airport well in time. That means plenty of time left for shopping. Why not yourself or your loved one to a new, fresh fragrance at Travel Plaza. Now you can go on holiday feeling and looking great.

Relax with great coffee

Coffee is available just about everywhere at Eindhoven airport. But there's only one place that is truly famous for its coffee: Starbucks. A freshly brewed black coffee, a frothy cappuccino, a caffé latte or a strong espresso to wake you up. Or will you go for an ice-cold frappuccino instead? The choice is amazing! You'll find this Mecca for coffee at gates 11 and 12.

Read a good book

The old-school tip in the list is simply reading a good book. As soon as you enter the terminal, you can't miss the Relay shop. Here you can buy the latest bestsellers. Do you prefer reading about science, entertainment or cars? There are also wide choice of magazines! When you want to read in peace, you'll need to have gone through security. So grab a seat at the gate until you can board.

As you can see, there's no reason for the airport to give you stress or make you feel bored. The opposite is true! There's so much you can do, taste or see. We promise you this: time flies when you're having fun!