Travel well prepared

Ready for take off

Will you be traveling from Eindhoven Airport in the near future? We are happy to see you! Unfortunately, Eindhoven Airport is experiencing the consequences of a tight labour market and COVID-19, which is why waiting times might be a bit longer than you’re used to. That's why we advise you to be at the airport 2.5 hours before departure. Read more tips about what you can do yourself to be as prepared as possible for your trip. Are you ready for departure?

Prepare for your trip

Stress-free holiday

You know that feeling of rising stress before you travel?

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Liquids in your hand luggage

A number of specific rules apply to taking liquids in your hand luggage.

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What is not allowed on the plane?

We have listed the most important baggage rules for you.

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Flying with kids

Travelling with children? Discover required documents and read useful travel tips.

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Travel vaccinations

Do you actually travel sufficiently protected?

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A travel expert’s packing list

Be sure that you don't forget to take anything with you when you travel.

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At the airport

Traveling during holidays

For many people, the summer holidays are the best time to travel.

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Time management

What time do we have to be there or what time can we check in?

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Hat-trick of good food

Enjoy delicious food and drinks in our various shops, bars and restaurants.

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Tips for when flying

Sleeping on a plane

The following tips will hopefully make napping a little easier!

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Staying fit while flying

A number of things you can do to get through the flight as comfortably as possible.

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Fear of flying?

Annoying? Absolutely, but by no means hopeless!

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