A travel expert’s packing list

What should I bring and have I got everything? Two important questions before you start your trip. A good packing list that you can tick off is essential to prevent stress before departure. It will help you not to forget anything. Check out the packing list of a travel expert!

You know what they say about packing your bags: less is more! Don’t take too much with you on holiday, because lugging heaps of bags doesn’t make anyone happy. Think carefully about what you're going to do during your holiday and what you really need. In this way, you will also save some space for fun souvenirs.

The things you should bring depend to a large extent, of course, on the type of trip you’re going to make. Are you going on a city trip, a beach holiday, or a backpacking trip? You can use this packing list as a basis for your personalized packing. In this way you will always travel well-prepared! Click here for a download of 'A travel expert's packing list'.

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A travel expert’s packing list

Check out this packing list of a travel expert