To and from the airport

Eindhoven Airport considers it important that the airport is easily and quickly accessible. Sustainability is also important here. That is why we encourage the use of sustainable alternatives to travel to and from the airport. In doing so, we focus on public transport and sustainable mobility. Together with our current and new partners, we are adapting to the mobility transition that is underway. We work on sustainable mobility choices and we facilitate sustainable mobility. For example, we offer passengers who opt for sustainable transport the necessary facilities such as charging points, bicycle sheds (with a repair point) and electric shared scooters. 

Electric buses: 

Eindhoven Airport wants you to travel easily and quickly to and from the airport. That is why we work together with other partners to improve our accessibility. We encourage the use of electric public bus transport with information on our website and with ticket machines at the bus station. Our airport is easily accessible via electric buses that run to and from Eindhoven Airport several times an hour. Hermes' buses emit little or no CO₂, (ultra) particulate matter and nitrogen. This improves air quality and reduces global warming. Cleaner and less road transport saves emissions of CO₂, (ultra) particulate matter and nitrogen. 

Charging stations for electric cars: 

More and more parking facilities at Eindhoven Airport are equipped with charging stations for electric cars or motorcycles. There are charging stations at P1 and P2. You can park and charge in these parking spaces so that you can continue your journey easily and without wasting time. 

By bike or by electric scooter: 

Eindhoven Airport is easily accessible by bicycle (or electric scooter). From the city center of Eindhoven you can go directly to Eindhoven Airport via various bicycle paths. The airport is also easily accessible by bicycle from other surrounding municipalities. This is how you start your journey in a sustainable and healthy way. Are you coming to the airport by bike? Then you can park these for free in the easily accessible free bicycle shed in the multifunctional parking building P1. This parking facility was completely renovated in May 2021. A bicycle repair column with tire pump and tire repair kits will also be available. Next to the bicycle shed you will find the shed for shared electric scooters. You can easily rent these scooters by downloading the appropriate app from the provider.