Time management at the airport

It requires some careful planning: What time should we be there? When should we check in? What time do we need to go through security and be at the gate? The following plan will help you manage your time at the airport best!

1. Be at the airport two hours before departure

Check in advance with the airline what time you must be at the airport before departure. Would you like to have enough time? For a European flight, you can’t go wrong if you are at the airport about two hours before departure.

2. Time to check in

The first thing to do upon arrival at the airport is to check in. With a bit of luck, you won’t have to queue for very long. After that, you can estimate how much time you have left before you need to be at the gate. It's always a good idea to check in online at home. If you only carry hand luggage, you can go to security control right away. If you have luggage that needs to be checked in, you can choose the ‘baggage drop off’ queue. In both cases, this often saves a lot of time.

3. Go through security control on time

Don't linger too long in the hall, but go through security control as soon as possible after checking in. Sometimes security control only takes five minutes, but in busier periods it can take quite a bit longer. Once you have passed security control, you will be close to the gates and you can spend the rest of the time before departure at ease.

4. Be at the gate 45 minutes before departure

Airlines usually start boarding 45 minutes before departure. Therefore, make sure that you are at the gate at least half an 45 minutes before departure. If you go through security control in good time, you can first get some food, do some tax-free shopping, buy a pleasant book for on holiday, or just relax in the departures hall. Your holiday starts here!