Through security

When it’s busy inside of the terminal, it may take you longer to go through the security check than you are used to. To make sure that you can get through security as easily and quickly as possible, we have listed a few good tips.

  • Keep your boarding pass and other necessary documents for your trip ready, so you can quickly grab them when asked.

  • At Eindhoven Airport it is no longer necessary to remove your liquids from your hand luggage. New equipment allows you to take liquids larger than 100 milliliters through the security check. So you can leave these in your hand luggage as well, which is very convenient!

  • You can also leave your electronics, such as your laptop or cell phone, in your luggage.

  • All shoes that cover the ankle or higher must be taken off before entering the security scanner. With low shoes you will go through the security check easier and faster. Tip: wear sneakers!

  • Take off your jacket, belt, sweater and ankle-high shoes and put them in the container.

  • Make sure your pockets are empty, including handkerchiefs and all other small items.

  • Make sure you do not take any prohibited and/or dangerous items in your hand luggage. If you are in doubt about whether you can take certain items with you on your trip, check with your airline before you travel. This way you will not encounter any surprises during your trip.

  • Properly put your scarves, gloves, coats, higher shoes, etc. in the container at the security check. Don't put these on top of your carry-on luggage, then opt for an extracontainer. This will prevent your items from being left behind in the x-ray.