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  • Mediterranean climate
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A modern city with many historical elements; Thessaloniki manages to pull it off. The combination of ancient Greek elements and a cosmopolitan character is precisely what makes Greece's second city unique. Thessaloniki invites you to discover its glorious past without losing its Greek identity.

Discover the impressive cultural history of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki perfectly reflects the multicultural influence that has enriched Greek culture. As a Greek city with traces of the Romans, Venetians and Ottoman Turks, among others, Thessaloniki has a unique identity. The Roman Rotunda, also called Saint George's Church, is a good example. Throughout the ages, this fourth-century monument served as a mausoleum, cathedral, and mosque, many traces of which can still be found today. Saint George's Church is an experience not to be missed during your visit to Thessaloniki.

On the beach promenade, you can find the White Tower, which is known as the symbol of Thessaloniki. The tower was built in the fifteenth century by the Ottoman Turks and became part of the protective ramparts. This particular tower housed a prison and is the only part of the buildings that remains intact today. Visitors of the White Tower are treated to a spectacular and rewarding view of the city. The tower houses the Museum of Byzantine Culture, where you can admire an impressive collection of ancient artefacts.

Taste the flavours of Thessaloniki's rich gastronomy

Thessaloniki’s cosmopolitan character cannot only be found in its visitor sights; you can also discover its multicultural nature in the gastronomy of the city. Typically, strong and unusual flavours are combined to offer a unique palette of flavours. This particular influence is reflected in Thessaloniki’s many restaurants. Soup prevails, so don’t forget to sample one of the special varieties.

Besides restaurants, Thessaloniki’s specific gastronomy can be found in pastry shops and confectioneries. Take, for example, bougatsa, a traditional pastry filled with cheese, minced meat, or custard dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The city’s pastry shops offer a variety of Greek, European and Oriental delicacies, which again highlights the cosmopolitan character of Thessaloniki.

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