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Flying to Thessaloniki

Discover the inspirational cultural history

Mediterranean climate

24 degrees

3 hours and 20 minutes

A modern city with a plethora of historical elements; Thessaloniki covers all the bases. The interplay of ancient Greek culture and cosmopolitan character makes Greece's second city unique from every viewpoint. Thessaloniki takes you on a journey into its rich past without completely losing its Greek individuality.

Places to visit in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the perfect reflection of a multicultural influences that have enriched Greece's identity. A Greek city with traces of the Romans, Venetians and Ottoman Turks, among others, give Thessaloniki a unique and unparalleled character. The Rotunda, built by the Romans in the 4th century and also called Saint George's Church, is just one example. This monument has served over the centuries as a mausoleum, cathedral and mosque, all of which are still visible. Saint George's Church offers an experience that simply shouldn't be missed during your visit to Thessaloniki. Along the beach promenade is the White Tower, which is known as the symbol of Thessaloniki. Those who visit the White Tower are treated to a spectacular and enlightening view of the city.

Discover Thessalonik

The cosmopolitan characteristics aren't only reflected in Thessaloniki's sights; you can taste the city's multicultural history through the gastronomical influences. Expect wonderfully strong and unusual flavours that are combined to create a unique palette of delicious dishes. All those multi-cultural influences are reflected in the many restaurants, cafés and other eateries that Thessaloniki offers. Soup reigns supreme in Thessaloniki, so don't forget to sample one of the special varieties your waiter presents to your table. Apart from the restaurants, the specific gastronomy of Thessaloniki can be found in pastry shops and confectioneries.

Practical information on your trip to Thessaloniki

  • If you want to get anywhere in Thessaloniki, the only form of public transport is the bus

  • The emergency number in Greece is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • In Greece you can simply pay simply in euros

  • In Greece it is one hour later than in Eindhoven

  • You don't need a travel adapter when travelling to Greece

Pictures of Thessaloniki

Old city wall in Thessaloniki

Traditional Greek Koulouri

Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Thessaloniki

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Thessaloniki in Greece with Transavia and Ryanair.

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