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Flying to Tenerife

An island that has two faces

Mediterranean maritime climate

19 degrees

4 hours and 35 minutes

Tenerife is known as “an island that has two faces”. It is first and foremost a popular beach destination, but lovers of nature will also get their money's worth. Whatever your goal, the “island of eternal spring” will not disappoint.

Places to visit in Tenerife

Tenerife is perfect for exploring by car. Getting to the sights and landmarks is easy, for instance a day trip to the village of Masca on the island's west coast. Once a pirate village, today the starting point for a choice of brisk hikes that guarantee panoramic views. A little further north is Icod de los Vinos, where the Dragon Tree is the main attraction. More mysticism can be found in the east, at the Pyramids of Güímar. Historians and archaeologists still don't know when and by whom they were built. The stones used for construction are also baffling, as they aren't otherwise found in the area.

Discover Tenerife

The north is green, wet and fertile, while the south is hotter, drier and more barren. The reason is the volcano El Teide, which rises up to 3,718 metres above sea level and is the highest point in Spain. This mighty mountain breaks the trade winds and is the reason for the climatic differences between north and south. Sun worshippers tend to prefer the south for its hotter temperatures and fantastic beaches. Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos are particularly popular, both for the beach life and bustling nightlife. The temperature during summer averages between 26 and 32 degrees, although this can increase if a hot desert wind blows in from the Sahara. Luckily, the refreshing sea breeze frequently tempers the heat.

Practical information on your trip to Tenerife

  • In Spain you pay your way with euros

  • There is no time difference between Spain and Eindhoven

  • You don't need a travel adapter when you travel to Spain

  • The emergency number in Spain is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • The tap water in Spain is safe to drink, although you will notice it contains more chlorine than we're used to in the Netherlands

Pictures of Tenerife

El Teide National Park in Tenerife

La Laguna, village in Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Flight tickets from Eindhoven to Tenerife

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to Tenerife in Spain with Transavia and Ryanair.

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