Sustainable living environment

We are proud of the region and we want to add value to this region. That's why we believe in a sustainable living environment where good living, working and recreation is important. 

Reducing noise nuisance: The airport is working on reducing noise nuisance from aircraft and improving air quality. For example, we are encouraging airlines with destination Eindhoven Airport to use quieter and cleaner aircraft by charging lower airport charges as of April 2023. In order to limit noise nuisance as much as possible in the early morning and later in the evening, Eindhoven Airport has differentiated its airport charges according to time of departure and landing. With this, Eindhoven Airport encourages airlines to depart and arrive less in the early morning and later in the evening. Finally, from the end of October 2020, no scheduled landings will be carried out after 23:00h. Planned take-offs of flights were already prohibited after this time.  

No scheduled landings in the night

In order te recuce noice nuisance there are no scheduled landings after 23.00h. Watch our video to find more information on this.

Improving air quality: The renewal of the aircraft fleet by airlines contributes greatly to a sustainable living environment. The latest aircraft emit fewer emissions. Aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing are developing aircraft engines that consume less fuel and therefore cause fewer emissions. Of course we are also working on sustainability ourselves. For example, the airport has been running entirely on wind energy since 2014. In addition, we will reduce emissions from our airport activities and buildings to zero by 2030, for example by electrification of vehicles and equipment. Eindhoven Airport has been using green electricity and green gas for some time now. According to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, aviation is one of the sources of ultrafine particles. RIVM is investigating the consequences of this for local residents.  


Contact with local residents: Eindhoven Airport has regular contact with (representatives of) local residents, companies and politicians. We inform them about what is happening at Eindhoven Airport, what we are doing and what they can expect from us. We also invite our neighbors and representatives to take a look at the airport during guided tours. We also provide information through our social media channels, online in various daily newspapers, in (news items) on our site and on the For You page on our site. The BurenApp Eindhoven Airport, which can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store and Google Play Store, provides information and is equipped with a tool with which air traffic can be monitored live. Information about air traffic at and around Eindhoven Airport is also available on - the information platform of the Eindhoven Airport Consultation. It is also possible to report noise nuisance caused by air traffic via this site. The complaint reports are submitted to the Consultation & Information Committee for the Environment of Eindhoven Air Base (COVM). The COVM is the consultation platform for local residents, authorities, interest groups and co-users of Eindhoven Air Base. The committee advices on noise nuisance. 

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Sustainable commitment to the region: Eindhoven Airport has a responsibility for its environment. We are part of the region and we want to make the region even better. We therefore find it important to contribute to initiatives from and for the region that give people who need it most. That is why we have a partnership with the Samen voor Eindhoven foundation. This connects companies and social organizations. In this way, airport employees use their knowledge and skills to help people in the region through Samen voor Eindhoven. An example of this is helping people over 50 with applying for jobs and helping in care centers.