Sustainable airport innovation: electric pushbacks

Eindhoven Airport works closely with its partners on sustainability.

One priority is using electrified equipment (instead of diesel-powered equipment) wherever possible. Viggo, ground handler at Eindhoven Airport, now has two electric pushbacks in use, with a third being delivered soon. That makes 3 of the 4 pushbacks electric. This is good news for the environment and for the staff working on the apron. More and more vehicles and other equipment on the apron are also going electric, such as the service vehicle of Operations and the company cars of G4S security. In addition, we have two electric GPUs (Ground Power Units) that power aircraft on the apron. The electrification of the airport apron means we are getting ever closer to our goal of zero emissions in airport operations by 2030. 

What does a pushback do?

This vehicle is used to push an aircraft back on the tarmac so that it is ready for departure. Civilian aircraft cannot reverse on their own.