Sustainability: conversion of diesel aircraft stairs to electric stairs

Eindhoven Airport has taken another step towards reaching its sustainability goals. Our handler Viggo and XYZ Dynamics from Eindhoven converted aircraft stairs that ran on diesel into fully electric stairs. Needless to say that we are proud of this development, as the conversion saves on nitrogen and CO2 emissions. Today, 18 of the 20 aircraft stairs at our airport run on electricity (ten are even fitted with solar panels). Almost all pushbacks (the vehicles that push planes backwards so that they are ready for departure) are also electric. The benefits are that the vehicles are free of emissions and virtually silent. Furthermore, a number of the ground power units at the airport are now electric. The G4S security staff and our Technical Department also drive electric vehicles. Eindhoven Airport is well on its way to implementing its plan: zero emissions from buildings, vehicles and equipment at Eindhoven Airport by 2030.