Structurally contributing to the climate goals

Renewable fuels

The use of sustainable fuels (synthetic or biokerosene) is essential to reducing CO2 emissions from aircraft. National and international agreements have been put in place to that end, including the Sustainable Aviation Agreement and the European 'Fit for 55' programme. Eindhoven Airport itself does not own any aircraft but stimulates the use of sustainable fuels wherever possible.


Eindhoven Airport has had a carbon-neutral operation for the seventh consecutive year. To achieve our goals, we compensate for our residual emissions. In cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group, we do this regionally through a biogas project by the Smits Group in Wanroij.

Climate Fund

We are currently investigating whether the higher flight tax that was announced by the new federal government can be used to speed up the introduction of sustainable fuels at Eindhoven Airport. The proposal will be worked out further in the Eindhoven Airport Consultation.

Living lab for technological innovations

Technological innovations are essential to making aviation more sustainable. Electrification is one of those innovations. In addition to our own task of electrifying the airport operation, we are also looking into what needs to be done to make electric flying possible. That's where the Power Up cooperation programme comes in, where we work closely with the airports of Rotterdam-The Hague, Groningen and Maastricht. Royal NLR is one of the partners in this project. They visited Eindhoven Airport last year with an electric aircraft as part of a research project.