Stress-free holiday

You know that feeling of rising stress when you are about to go on a trip? You wonder, "What do I need to bring? Will it fit in my suitcase? Isn't my suitcase too heavy or too big? Not to mention, will I arrive on time?" Don't worry, we recognise that feeling. Therefore, here are five handy tips to prepare for your trip.

1. Create a smart packing list

Prepare for your holiday by making a thoughtful packing list. Check the weather at your destination and think about what activities you will do. Write down which outfits you will need and try to make handy combinations. This will not only avoid an overflowing suitcase, but also unnecessary costs. Travel light and smart.

2. Pack efficiently

Roll up your clothes like a pro to save space and avoid those dreaded wrinkles. Don't forget to put important items such as your ID, medicines and phone charger in your hand luggage. And give your suitcase a unique touch so you can quickly spot it at the airport.

3. Check the baggage rules

Each airline has different rules for hand baggage and check-in baggage. Always check the most up-to-date information on the airline you are flying with. No baggage puzzles at the airport. Go prepared and avoid having to redistribute your luggage at the airport.

4. Increase holiday fun with your ultimate Spotify playlist

Put together a great playlist that perfectly matches your holiday destination and the activities you will be doing. Every time you hear these songs, they will remind you of this trip. It's even more fun to share your playlist with your travel companions. Listening to favourite songs together and enjoying each other's musical choices makes for an even more enjoyable travel experience.

5. Eat before leaving for the airport

Write down the departure times of your flight, along with the check-in time (usually around 2,5 hours before departure). Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the airport. Think about what time you need to leave home and remember the most important thing (!): eat something before you go. It may sound obvious, but it is sometimes overlooked and can make you feel completely uncomfortable at the airport. So give your stomach the fuel it needs before you take off.