Well prepared parking for your work

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Are you going to work today and coming to the airport by car? Check this page to check how busy the airport's staff car parks are and which car park you can use. This page provides a live overview of how busy the staff car parks are. Then you know where you can park your car and be sure of a parking space so you won't be late for your shift.

Tip: Save this page to your favourites so you always have it ready. Check this page before you leave so you can always be sure of a parking space.

Below is an explanation of the meaning of the different colors.

Red: This car park is full. Parking in this car park is not possible, please park in one of the other staff car parks.

Orange: The car park is almost full. We advise you to drive to another car park.

Green: There is sufficient parking space in this car park, here you can be sure of a parking space.

Do you have any questions or comments about airport parking? Feel free to ask them viaparkeren@eindhovenairport.nlif we cannot answer them we will be happy to refer you to the right person. For questions about registration of your license plate and how it works, please contact the contact person within your own organisation.