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Bulgaria was perceived for a long time as ‘traditional’ and ‘old-fashioned’, but that time has passed. The country is modernising rapidly and Sofia takes the lead. Discover an historic city in development.

Bridging function

Since time immemorial Sofia has been a logistics node. It is situated centrally in the Balkan and has fulfilled a bridging function between Europe and Asia for centuries. It is still a commonly used base for travel in the region. Sofia is surrounded by mountains, counts 1.4 million inhabitants and is the capital of Bulgaria.

Medieval painting

The oldest building in the city is St. George’s Cathedral (4th century). The Church of Boyana is also popular. Thanks to its flawless frescos, dating from 1259, Boyana is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 89 scenes you get a good picture of Eastern European medieval painting. The most famous building of Sofia is the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Nevski was a Russian prince who fought with German knights in the 13th century. A visit to the Banya Bashi Mosque should not be missed either. It was built at the time of Ottoman rule (1576) and is now one of the oldest mosques in Europe.

Ideal end

Sofia is a city on the rise. Western prices are coming, but for the time being the price level lags. The night life needs no catching up; it is already well-developed. A visit to a thermal or mineral spa is the ideal end to a night out.