Sleeping well on a plane

It can be wonderful to just close your eyes, even on a short flight within Europe, so that you arrive at your destination well-rested. Although an airplane seat is of course not as comfortable as your own bed, the following tips will hopefully make napping a little easier!

1. Bring an eye mask

As an eye mask shuts out all light, the brain is fooled into thinking that it’s dark, which will make you fall asleep much faster.

2. Close your ears

Bring earplugs that shut out the sounds around you as much as possible. As a bonus, they also help when you experience ear pressure upon taking off and landing. Would you like to shut out all sounds? Then choose noise-cancelling headphones.

3. Avoid caffeine

It’s better to avoid caffeine altogether if you are going to fly, because you dehydrate easily due to the dry air in the plane. If you would like to sleep during the flight, you have another good reason to stay off caffeinated beverages both before and during the flight.

4. Choose a window seat

This is the best place for sleepyheads. No one will ask to pass you when they need to go to the toilet or want to stretch their legs, so you can sleep undisturbed during the whole flight. You can also lean against the window without being bothered by people passing by in the aisle. It’s the seat with the most privacy!

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Clothing that is not too tight makes it more comfortable to sit in an airplane seat and fall asleep. Also, wear layers that enable you to adjust your outfit to the temperature on the plane. When you are cold, for example, it’s harder to fall asleep.

6. Wear a scarf

You can use a scarf when you are cold, but you can also use it as a pillow. Thin, large scarves can even serve as blankets.

7. Put extra socks in your hand luggage

Nothing is more difficult than sleeping with cold feet! Therefore, bring an extra pair of socks in your hand luggage. They will come in handy if you want to take a nap.

8. Keep an eye on your seat belt

When you experience turbulence during the flight, all passengers must visibly fasten their seat belts. Make sure that you have indeed fastened your seat belt and that the seatbelt is visible above any blankets. In this way, you don't need to be woken up to fasten your seat belt.

9. Listen to quiet music

Are you comfortable in your seat and ready to close your eyes? Then the last step is to put on some soothing music that will help you dream away. Sleep well!