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Flying to Sharm-El-Sheikh

Sun-drenched beaches, a desert climate (making this a pleasant year-round destination), architectural gems and a hidden underwater world. Sharm el Sheikh has everything you need to relax.

Unwind on the Red Sea’s most beautiful beaches

Sharm el Sheikh rightfully deserves its reputation as the most beautiful seaside resort on the Red Sea. Its golden beaches make this the perfect place for recharging your batteries. Surrounded by palm trees, cocktail in hand, enjoy a glorious holiday at one of Sharm el Sheikh’s luxury resorts.

Dive into the Red Sea and discover the wonders of the Egyptian seabed

Crystal clear waters, exotic fish, colourful coral.... Sharm el Sheikh is a diver’s paradise. Visit Ras Mohammed National Park, where you’ll find one of the world’s most stunning diving spots. Swim amongst the hundreds of different fish species, turtles and with a bit of luck, even spot dolphins. If you’re feeling brave, you can dive to the bottom of the Egyptian Red Sea to admire the Thistlegorm - a shipwreck from World War II and a must-see for daredevils.

Biblical architecture to explore

For anyone interested in archaeology, Sharm el Sheikh is heaven on earth. At the foot of the holy Sinai mountain lies Saint Catherine’s Monastery. On the site of the Burning Bush, where God spoke to Moses, a chapel was built in the year 336, which later became a monastery. This masterful building still contains ancient artworks and mosaics to this day. 

Safety of Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt has suffered social unrest and political tensions for a long time; this is still the case today. Sharm el Sheikh and its holiday resorts are accessible to travellers. However, it is always important to check with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs  to see how safe it still is there. We recommend keeping a close eye on the travel advice.

Flight tickets to Sharm el Sheikh from Eindhoven Airport

Does the above sound like music to your ears? Direct flights from Eindhoven Airport to Sharm el Sheikh airport take 4 hours.

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