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  • Desert climate
  • 6 hours
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Cape Verde’s most touristic island takes its name from centuries of salt exploitation. This is still evident today in the large salt ponds that you can float in, just like the Dead Sea. The island is a perfect choice if you’re looking for ultimate relaxation, warm tropical temperatures or keen to learn kitesurfing or windsurfing - learn from no less than the best in Sal!

Sports aplenty

The Cape Verde Islands are famous for their fantastic surfing conditions, thanks to constant trade winds and warm seawater. Not surprising, then, that wind- and kitesurfing world cups are held in Sal. Besides watching professional surfers in action, you can have a go yourself, taking lessons at one of the many surf schools along the beaches. Santa Maria bay is perfect for this: afterwards, head over to the lovely, traditional village of Santa Maria and enjoy a plate of fresh fish!

Cape Verde is paradise on earth for fish lovers

Cape Verde and fresh fish go hand-in hand. Fishing and tourism are in fact the primary sources of income. You can sample the most exotic of fish dishes or the traditional cachupa - a stew containing beans and corn, amongst other things.

Once back in the Netherlands, you’ll want to get your veggies down you: the ground in Sal is very dry, so greens are not cultivated and vegetables are very scarce. This also means that portion sizes aren’t that big. On the flip side, you’ll get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in Sal! 

Which island is nicer: Sal or Boa Vista?

The Cape Verde Islands are all pretty similar in terms of sightseeing and climate, with Sal and Boa Vista being the most visited by tourists. If you’re after more of an authentic feel, then Boa Vista is a better fit. However, tourism levels on either island are not at a point where you see more tourists than locals. Since its discovery in 1456, Cape Verde has retained its authenticity well over the centuries. 

Best of all, you don’t need to choose between the islands: simply hop on a boat in Sal and travel to Boa Vista or the other islands. The best of both world’s within arm’s reach!

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Flights from Eindhoven Airport to the international airport in Sal are direct with TUI. Will you be flying with us anytime soon?

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